Monday, February 7, 2011

Snoozy Monday

I woke up this morning at 9:30. I was in so much pain. I set the alarm for 10:00, trying to avoid getting out of bed but still pretending I was an adult that would get out of bed. I pushed snooze for 1 hour. When I finally roused myself around 11:30 it was to drag the computer back to bed where I stayed until about 1:30. Took Yorkie & Porkie on a nice long walk and finally had breakfast around 2. I am just pouring my coffee now, as my husband arrives home from work and the gym. Business to take care of around the house, dinner, TV and its time for bed. So today basically turned into a non-day. A day sucked into the abyss of lost days where nothing gets done.

Finding the balance of productivity and rest, forgiveness and expectation, is the core strategy of managing this illness. Not every day can be the one described above, but hectic with frantic energy does not work either. So I am laying down my guilt bag and allowing myself to have a day where I feel like crap and nothing gets done. Tomorrow I can return to the land of expectation and productivity. But as for today I am going to bed right now, at 8:40!

Thanks for joining,


  1. Having a very similar day. The only thing different is I got up at 7am. For me, I have 4 dogs, and 2 of them decided I needed to get up at 7am. Been a day of just sitting/laying around. Will be in bed at 11pm. Nothing other than letting the dogs in and out was achieved today.

  2. Just "being" is enough for some days! I think its more than a non day when you go for a walk.

  3. sometimes there are more than 1 non-days in a row that get sucked into the abyss of days gone without nothing getting done. I have had a few of those as of late and another one today. The only thing that got done was letting my dogs out and watering down my now new pet anole lizard LOL like i need another one. Much love and plenty of ~gentle hugs~