Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Human Animal

When I was in college I had tons of girlfriends. It started out with the core group that lived in the dorms our freshmen year. Four or five girls that found each other via housing department assignment and had plenty enough in common to bond lasting and rebel-rousing friendships. Sophomore year came and different groups formed as we transitioned to off-campus living. Friends had been picked up along the way by each of us and our group got larger and larger as we climbed the outer branches of the tree of our college experience. Of course we still honored the unspoken expectation we would go out together every weekend night. And Tuesday night. And Thursday night. Told you I went to a party school! But something inevitable happened. All these "friends" we had made on our own were not so in love with everyone else's "friends" and LOTS of drama ensued. One would not go to a particular party or bar if so-and-so was going to be there. We had to start taking sides and juggle our plans and know who had just slept with who's boyfriend 'cause we sure did not want those two chicks together!

I recalled this memory (and many more) fondly this afternoon as I was musing in my mind about the drama that unfolded yesterday. At the slightest form of conflict I used to turn into an instant, traffic stopping flare and race out to play peace keeper and morph into a sweating, fretting mess over my house being ripped apart. Fearing the heart and soul I had poured into my blog and campaign was shot with 2 people not getting along and a whole bunch of others jumping in on either side, fanning the flames. So as I played "Down college memory lane" today I started laughing. These themes are totally normal to the human animal! We are all so varied and different and thank God we are! Not moving to Stepford USA anytime soon, thank you very much! 

But with different comes fear, judgment and criticism. Equally painful when they are felt from you or to you. Unfortunately this is but one component of this complex thing we call life. My point is  that what happens when drama flares the Fun House is just good old fashioned human nature. People get rubbed the wrong way and disagree and get all angry and pissed off all the time! It is going to happen. We are all not required to love each other equally. But if you want to keep playing in my house please be pleasant to each other at the very least.

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