Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Are we a bit disgruntled, my fellow-Fibro warriors? Was this last year as hard or harder than we expected? Are we looking at this marvelous start date of 1/1/11 to cleanse us of our frustrations and roadblocks and throw a whole new dose of determination on top of our problems? I know there is a big part of me that wants to. But I have learned enough through the years that I can be my own worst enemy when I set my expectation too high, thinking I can control certain parameters that are unrealistic. For a fair amount of what I need to go away is my illness and the limitations it imposes on my life! But it is not just something I can will away, or decide is better and ignore. I have tried that and only made myself sicker! Fibromyalgia, unfortunately, is stronger than determination. But if we seek improvement, not perfection from ourselves, we will not be let down. For it is easy to make a few small choices throughout the course of the day that add up to some pretty monumental change for the better when looked at over the scope of a week or month. A few better time-management choices, food, exercise or sleep decisions, emotional investments that will be rewarding, not painfully punishing. Ever hear the phrase "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result?" Well that is what we are trying to avoid this year!

So take a deep cleansing New Years breath. Rejoice in being alive for yet another one and count yourself some blessings, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem! The power of positive thinking is strong, but the power of negative thinking is too. You choose which one you are going to exist in. We are marching, hand in hand, towards global Fibromyalgia awareness as we struggle to manage our own symptoms, loved ones, financial hardships and emotional battles. We are part of a community that gives us strength, laughter, insight, advice, friendship and true compassion and understanding. For many of us this is a new phenomenon. For others we are an additional support network. But no matter where you land on the scale, The Fibromyalgia Crusade is in full swing and pretty much unstoppable at this juncture in the road.

Let us strive for grace and style, composure and class, as we venture into a new year with new expectations and determinations. Let's build up our self-confidence and balance our right to be sick and take care of ourselves with our ability to love and give to those in our life we have committed to. Let us seek improvement over perfection and remind ourselves that sometimes just the simple act of getting up in the morning is a feat in and of itself!

Thanks for joining,

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  1. Happy New-Year Leah,
    I am trying really, really hard to talk myself to get into the latest exercise craze of "ZUMBA" (lots of Latino flavor dancing & cardio- 1 hour a day.) Have thus far downloaded & converted many lessons from internet sites ..but need that one push to get moving .
    My hubby & I were great ballroom & Latin before we were both struck with muscular conditions.
    More & more these days I hear the benefits of dancing .We both agree that thee is no reason why we should not do this at home & enjoy past love of dancing; if we stumble..oh least we can chuckle at ourselves & say we are "re-defining" our dance moves. !!!!
    Trying to turn a new leaf is no longer easy.
    Challenging ourselves is probably the best thing for our egos.
    BTW I also wear a G11 hinged knee brace for the next 6 years as I need a knee replacement but am too "young" to get implants yet. So this adds to the challenge. !!!
    TY Leah , for putting into words what many of us cannot orally express to others about fibro.
    You are an Angel.

  2. Nicole when I was a makeup artist one of my favorite clients was a woman who walked with a cane and terrible limp, and was a ballroom dance champion! She said it was hard to walk but she could dance. I was amazed! Start slow and build up to it...good luck!