Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Master Cleanser Day 1


Today I walked the dogs and came home and started The Master Cleanser. I am doing it for 3-days, a short run, for we have company coming this weekend. I am so puffy and swollen and achy and in pain I need a reprieve from food and drugs for a second to clear my head! I am taking my prescriptions but no supplements excepting acidophilus, DHEA and melatonin. So here it goes, the gory tale of me on The Master Cleanser!

Drank juice around 11:30. Made a cup of mint tea mixed with green tea that I am sipping on. It is now quarter to 2 and I am feeling a pull around my face. Like it is attacking the puffiness under my eyes. That is badly needed so I hope so! Mild headache. Tired. No coffee!!!

I am going for round 2 of juice. Just FYI I double the serving recommended in the book. Otherwise I am hungry and want food all the time. OH SPICY! Its about 2 o'clock. No pain pills or muscle relaxers so far... I am peeing a lot.

It's 4 and I drank more juice. My husband is cooking and it smells good and I am paying bills and just entered all our take away food receipts. Food is very tempting! The first day is hard. Still no pain or meds for it. Still feel foggy head but am functioning fine and a bit manic, but maybe that's because I have taxes to prep this week and my VERY dirty house to clean. And no Xanax.

Quarter to six and I finished another cup of mint/green tea and then had some juice. Still minimal pain and my face feels less "sucked on". I keep examining under my eyes in the mirror to see if the puffiness is gone. No makeup on so its hard to tell. I am drinking A LOT of water. Headache gone. Mildly tired but lots of energy at the same time.

Its 7 and I have been hard at work all day and am crashing. Gonna go make some more tea.

Okay 7:45 and I am fading fast. Had more juice, made more tea, and am going to relax for a bit. I had an EXTREMELY productive day but that was more necessity than cleanse related ;)

Well I feel like complete crap. It is 9:45 and I am going to bed, what does that say! But I am detoxing a lot of drugs, including the ones I take as needed every day that I skipped today. All I have to say is I hope tomorrow is better ;)

Stay tuned...

Thanks for joining,

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