Sunday, July 25, 2010

The River Wild

My hormones are going wild, but not in a bad way ;) I have not felt this much energy surrounding me in years! Unfortunately I have also had what is vacillating between a raging migraine and horrible headache since Friday afternoon. I will have to make an appointment to see the doctor if I wake up with it again manana. I can't help but think they are related. I have had such a rush of functioning coming back to me in the last few months, as though someone has been chipping away at a dam for a very long time, and holes are finally sprouting up everywhere, water shooting through as though its a cheese grater. Pretty soon it is going to burst in a flurry of intense flooding waters, white-tipped with foam driving it forward to fill the dry and dead riverbed that has appeared in the wake of its abrupt departure. The question I am struggling with now is how do I keep these springing leaks and rushing flood of function from wreaking havoc in my carefully re-constructed life?

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