Thursday, July 8, 2010

Streamlining My Supplements

I have cut back on a few supplements because I don't have enough money to keep them in supply as well as wanting to simplify this process to make it easier on my mind and body. Take less pills and eat more vegetables, right? Duhh! Supplements are my security blanket of health. I do feel quite a difference in my mood, energy and stability when I wean off the protocol, so for the foreseeable future this is what I take daily:

~Whole food multi-vitamin & mineral (general nutrition)
~Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D (general nutrition)
~Amino acids (general nutrition)
~Selenium (antioxidant/trace mineral)
~Fish oil (general nutrition/EFA)
~Lecithin (neurotransmitter/liver/triglyceride)
~Pro-biotics (immune & fungal balance)
~L-lysine (viral suppression)
~N-acetyl-cystine (immune booster/balances Lysine/liver)
~Pancreatin (pancreatic enzymes)
~Milk thistle (liver support)
~Maca root (nourishes endocrine system/balances hormones)
~DHEA (hormonal pre-cursor)
~Tumeric (inflammation/antioxidant)
As needed:
~Valerian Root (pain & sleep)
~Epicor (immune booster)

I am on a good cocktail for my conditions. Check out Swanson Vitamins. They have great prices on some really good supplements and I even get a bunch of organic/natural body products from them at a deep discount. I am slowly loosing the 30 lbs. Lyrica packed on and feel mentally balanced with a minimum of pain. My pain levels are greatly affected by sleep, activity, hormones, diet and stretching, so it truly is up to me to keep myself healthy. When I first got sick I wanted a cure. I wanted a pill, surgery, treatment, anything to just whisk this sickness away. I was raised in the USA during the 1980's and 90's and that is just how modern medicine works, right? You go to the doctor and tell them what is wrong, they run a bunch of tests and tell you what you have and how to get better. NOT WITH THIS SON-OF-A-BITCH! Just getting a diagnosis was a nightmare, let alone successful treatments.

I have now come to believe that what I was actually suffering from was a sickness deep inside my soul. The virus had penetrated the nucleus of every cell in my body and created a sickness so buried it was born out of the pure essence of who I was. Getting better required some pretty heavy medications, but the purging of all the garbage inside me and all I had to do to dispel it is more telling of its true origin. I had to vomit the hurt, betrayal, anger, fear, anxiety, unjustness, sadness, disappointment and self-righteousness out of my life and begin to build anew. And that is when I finally started to get better!

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