Monday, July 12, 2010

I Need Writers Block

Monday morning finds me up late. Obsessively blogging until nearly 3AM kept me in bed 'till just after 10. I woke up and took out the babies...who might I add are doing amazing! She is a completely different dog than the one we brought home from rescue 3 weeks ago. She is funny and bouncy and playful and such a puppy! She has gone from twirling around at the end of her lead, having never been trained to one, to pulling and choking herself in her unfailing attempts to catch up to her big brother. They cuddle and play and roll around on the ground locked in a tender, biting embrace. He is happy with her and adjusting quite nicely to being the oldest, the 1st child. He is secure in his alpha position (we made damn sure of that!) and secure that he is the most important in our life. And he is playing like a puppy again and teaching her all sorts of good-dog civilized behaviors. Thank the Lord, I just knew this one would work out!

I literally could sit here all day and blog, allow this garbage to pour out of me and form into the written word. Starting this blog has been so overwhelmingly cathartic it has revolutionized my life. To see my experiences, choices, actions and reactions charted, documented, exposed. But I still have a life to tend to. I need to send my aunt's sympathy card, make sauce for dinner tonight, give myself that damn pedicure I have been stalling on for so long and give the babies a bath, not to mention clean the entire house. Guess I better get busy!

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