Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Anniversary Of Diamonds And Platinum

Dear Auntie,

I have watched and observed your dedication to your husband as one wife understands another. You went above and beyond for so many years and your love for him was apparent with every touch, every trip to the doctor, every effort to bring your husband back to you. You have won my admiration and respect many times over. I know you feel you just did what needs to be done, but a lesser woman would have caved long ago. I hope and pray for your peace and healing as you adjust through this very difficult and very emotional time. I will know I have been a successful wife if my love for my husband shines in my life as yours shined in your life.

With all my love,

I watched my aunt struggle with a sick husband for the last 10 or so years. She put in a good fight and lost him a few weeks back. Watching her hang in there has been tough, but one of the few truly rewarding exchanges I have observed in quite some time. I hope she lays him to rest knowing she did everything she could for him and not only felt it, but showed her love up until the very end. There were no hollow echoes of long-forgotten laughter, tender moments lying dusty in the back of the mind, as one moves on while the other lives in decaying mental or physical limbo. She was involved in every minute aspect of his life and her purpose served only to make his life better. Oh that I could be that kind of woman, that kind of a wife to my husband! Lord please allow me to find that true and selfless outpouring of unconditional love that only the wholly blessed are given to experience in this life. I pray you make me worthy of my husband's love, in every action and every deed I perform. And if we could be around to lay claim to it for the next 61 years that would be pretty awesome, too. Celebrating our 70th anniversary, 2 little 95 year old wrinkled and worn souls joined together in the journey of a lifetime. I can see it now! Hey, that's only 30 years after my Arizona drivers license expires. Makes it seem not so far away ;)

Thanks for joining,

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