Friday, July 16, 2010

"...And Scene...Manic Phase Over"

I went back to work today. I had 9 days off and my deluded ass really needed the reality check back to reality. But I am hurting and having to take pain meds again and can't remember anything from 1 minute to the next, they make me so damn forgetful! I was in a flurry of craziness these last few days. Definitely manic in retrospect, but I even kinda knew it then. I am still overwhelmingly amazed at how quickly and drastically I have been improving since I started stretching. It is good to be back to work, to restore the balance. I am not one that does well with too much time on my hands. Ever heard the phrase "Idle hands are the devil's playground"? Yeah, well they coined it for me.

My husband has been researching his new career choice and is beginning to come out of his fog. He is excited and animated and projecting a fabulous future. We both have to hang in there for just over 5 months and it all will begin to change. We will be out if debt and in with options. Options of how we wish to live our life, not just manage the left over garbage that is shoved our way. Options to pursue dreams and passions and fun and laughter. This is what I was pining for when I just wanted to get up and go, sail down to Mexico a few months back. All I needed was a break, a reprieve to allow us to catch our breath and chart the next phase of our lives, establish the course we will travel to arrive at the destination we desire. Once again I find us full of dreams and possibility and passion, and I thank the Lord for another opportunity to find our path of Their desire.

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