Thursday, April 8, 2010

Background: Medical Diagnosis And Beyond

I was still seeing the Fibro & Fatigue Center and they had finally un-covered the real truth behind what had happened to me. Here is the summary as I understand it today:

~Pancreatitis had caused an intense shock to my system that resulted in a suppressed immune function. That coupled with an undiagnosed sleep disorder that had been plaguing me for years left me defenseless. There may also be some genetic factor in all of this.

~I became infected with multiple viral and bacterial infections. As the infections began to take over my body I was susceptible to even more problems and a breakdown of my basic bodily functions. The worst virus, a newly discovered one called HHV-6, infected my central nervous system which in turn degraded all the systems in my body. This little bugger also lives inside the nucleus of each cell and is darn near impossible to rid yourself of. I also had EBV and CMV. The infections were at the latent level and did not register as a "new" infection so they did not show up with conventional testing. However, the "dormant" infection numbers were tested and turned out to be not so dormant, they were actually through the roof! There were also a slew of other problems. This is, in me, what is commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (I have a theory that there are actually a number of illnesses that reside in this "diagnosis"). The day I saw the test results on paper that confirmed there was actually something wrong with me and had a doctor look at me and say "No wonder you have been so sick" was a very good day indeed!

~I lived with the undiagnosed virus for so long that it caused permanent nerve damage to my central nervous system and viola! Fibromyalgia here you are!

Genetic malfunction (hypertriglyceridemia) causes organ failure (pancreatitis) that zaps immune strength. Maybe something else genetic here (?) coupled with lifestyle malfunction (sleep disorder), which may also be genetic, leaves the immune system suppressed. Viral infection (HHV-6) invades central nervous system and disrupts healthy life cycle (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Untreated viral infection permanently damages central nervous system (Fibromyalgia).

So is what I am left with even Fibromyalgia? Or is that just the name given to a complex set of symptoms originating from many different sources? That's what I think. I have done countless hours of research and through massive amounts of trial and error am truly one with my body. I can tell you when I am sick and where. I can tell you what it originates from and how to treat it (my husband says I am a hypochondriac). I consider diet, sleep, stress, hormones and exercise to be the 5 fingers of the whole of my being. When one is out of balance the others give way too. Oh the tale does not end here but I would like to get something else done today so ponder this: Our biology has in no way advanced as quickly as our technology and we are annihilating ourselves by ignoring the basic precepts of our humanity.

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  1. Oh yes I remember that feeling of actually feeling glad that there was something wrong with me. We're an odd bunch us chronic fatigue and fibro folk. It's interesting to see how it's broken down too hopefully I'll get to that stage one day. For now I am loving your blog and enjoying writing my own. X