Monday, April 26, 2010

An Extraordinary Life

Can we do it? Can we break away from the chains of convention and make it happen now? Can we take the biggest risk ever and just go? Do we have the guts? Many people do it. Many people take the course of their life and manipulate it into an extraordinary existence, an unusual one. I must ask myself the question, "Is the future we have planned, and are working so hard for, really the one we want?" I don't honestly know that I can answer yes, that I am all that knocked out by it. I feel the damper of domesticated subservience in the true self already blanketing around my psyche. I feel we are twirling around on that hamster wheel and never getting anywhere, believing that one day we will get somewhere, but where that is we don't know. All the while what is plausible, what is possible, what is necessary, is never in reach. I have to ask myself the question, "What if?". What if we laid to rest our current goals, hopes, dreams, aspirations, problems, complications and frustrations. What if we sold our life, defaulted our debt and just picked up and moved to South America, or Mexico, or some unknown destination yet to be determined? What if we uprooted every minute dull drum of our existence and MADE THIS LIFE OUR LIFE? The life we choose and want, the life we laugh frequently and whole-heatedly in. What if we could break free from these chains that have imprisoned us for so long and choose the path less traveled?

We could spend our days knowing each other in a long forgotten way. We would discover the world and in turn discover ourselves. We could find peace in our spirit and the passion in our marriage that is beating dormant deep within both of our souls. We could take a major risk and rewind back to the people we were when we were 22 and first fell in love, but so much wiser now. We could go back to a time before we were so beaten up by the world. We could project and intend for a peaceful life of opportunity. Where the health of the spirit and soul prevail over the fulfillment of the ego and competition. We can insure that this amazing marriage, this amazing love that we have been blessed with, does not slip away into the tangle of civilized propriety. We could renew and revive and rekindle and actually achieve without so much sacrifice. At no point in time before has this been possible. But the glimmer of the edge of it is revealing itself and I think with some intense planning and preparation and a very quick wit it could happen. We could honorably discharge from our life in the USA and allow adventure and opportunity and passion to drive our next step, the next step to the life we choose. The life of purpose and intention not driven by what is expected or habitual.

I propose this: We pack up our life and the 3 of us get in our truck and head south. Free from worldly possessions. Free from sacrificing all the time in our lives to doing things we hate, things that don't make us happy and make us feel and act ways that are foreign to our true nature. Free from struggling and solitude and so many years lost trying to play the game. We will reclaim our lives at 34! Nestled into the cocoon of the unknown...of sleepy towns and small fishing villages. Of 3 week stops to earn a little cash with no set destination in mind. Of lazy days spent together enjoying the marvels of life, the beauty of the world. Of bustling cities and crowded markets and fiestas and siestas. A life that unfolds naturally and organically into a life of excellence and true knowledge of mind, body and soul. We will one day find our paradise. The place we truly feel at home, and we will stop to build an amazing life. A life of simplicity and passion and peace. And we will achieve all the greatness that is meant to be without sacrificing any more time that we have loving and sharing and laughing together.

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  1. Sometimes I feel like you are reading my heart and writing it on your blog. :)