Friday, October 7, 2011

The Death Of The Smart Phone

A murder has been committed. I did it and am glad I did, for my smart phone and I were just not getting along. As a lady that REBELS at being told what to do by anyone for anything, I have been in constant battle with that darn phone for over a year. It zings and beeps and makes all sorts of R2-D2 type sounds, even if I have the vibrate button pushed! And please don't get me started on apps. They are just as controlling and bossy and needed to be updated daily. It got to the point I was not getting my text messages because all the smart phone and apps cared about was themselves.

Yes I know we could have gotten to know each other much better and perhaps a mutual friend could have shown us both how to compromise so our union was not nearly so volatile. But in all honesty the last priority in my life right now is learning how to use a bossy phone. Especially one that never does what I ask it to do, calls whoever it wants whenever it wants and when I set the alarm, if I happen to be staying somewhere other than my home, I will wake up well after the time I set it for to see the screen flashing and blinking like a fireworks display without uttering a peep. Can I just ask here, what is the point?

Yes I am sure many of you think I am some sort of dark-age technological moron and that is fine because I am. I am sure there are many that are much more skilled and wonder what kind of vapid imp I must be to have so many problems with a simple phone. But all of my annoyances aside the real reason I killed it was because I could not afford it. That data package is far too much. Last night that conversation took place, the one between two partners trying to suss through the business of living life together. Not to mention the extra challenge brought to the table when one of them is chronically ill. So we did our 75th round of cuts and the first thing I volunteered was that damn smart phone! Just now I killed it, resurrected its predecessor in its place and am looking at this archaic little phone wondering how it works and what exactly it does, for it all looks way too simple to do much of anything at all.

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  1. My phone runs my life, via the calendar and alarm features, getting me through each day with a minimum of missed appointments and mental overload. It just occurred to me, reading this, that I hardly use the "smartphone" features at all!