Tuesday, November 2, 2010

She Is Coming To Life

Oh my dear Fibro-family, I write to you today sitting on a bewildered cloud of progress, passion, excitement and confusion. The Fibromyalgia Crusade is sprouting little purple flowers, bursting out of her bubble, chewing her way out of the cocoon of preparation and ideas and dreams that have been building up in my mind. On September 4th I wrote my first enraptured tirade about linking up, joining together and starting a PATIENT-UNITED awareness campaign. I had no idea how to go about forming this campaign, furthering our cause or spreading awareness, but knew it had to be done. There are still entirely too many Fibromyalgia patients victim to horrific symptoms lacking proper medical treatment to manage their illness and therefore their life. The amount of doubt and blame and sheer unkindness shown by medical professionals, friends and family alike astound me. The everyday struggle a person with Fibromyalgia goes through just to survive, keep their head above water, spirits up and functioning on some level is all consuming and often more than we have to give. It is heartbreaking to see how broken down so many of you are from the perspective of someone who has been there herself and was able to find a little piece of twine that grew into a rope strong enough to pull me up and out of that well of despair. I want you all to feel better and stop being abused by people that just don't understand because they don't want to!

So amidst my Prednisone-induced mania over the last 2 months I started planting seeds. Seeds that are now poking their little heads up through the soil, and they are oh so pretty! I have "branded" The Fibromyalgia Crusade, trademarked the logo, copyrighted my most impactful ideas, purchased domain names, consulted attorneys and created Leah Tyler Enterprises, the mama company of it all. I have compiled one kick-ass Doctor Appointment Packet that will help many of you that are suffering horribly navigate your way through a doctor appointment to get the treatment and relief you so desperately need. I see mass awareness in our future...T-shirts, water bottles, coffee thermoses, bumper stickers, license plate frames, the most beautiful awareness bracelet ever and oh so much more! I will take our plea to Youtube and OF COURSE the book is just waiting...patiently waiting. I have visions of spreading the name The Fibromyalgia Crusade through a variety of media outlets and bringing Fibromyalgia awareness to a whole new level as I stand strong and yell loud with the strength of all of you behind me.

It both gives me goose bumps and exhausts me at the same time! But she is on a roll, my friends, one that cannot be stopped! Funding the start-up of a business is tough and many of you have offered to help me in the way of donations. I have been waiting my whole life for people to pay me just for being me, ha ha ha! I truly and sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and our cause, but this is quite a sticky situation. As you know I have had to quit my job and am starting a for-profit business initially, therefore cannot accept donations. They would not be tax deductible for the donor and I would not feel right taking your money to start my business. Oh the non-profit part will be coming soon, and I will ask frequently and often for your cash at that time, you can be sure of that! But the best way, ethically and morally, for The Fibromyalgia Crusade to get off her feet is for you to buy the products I will be selling. The first is The Doctor Appointment Packet I should have up and ready to go within the next few days (ignore the Paypal link for now). From there the t-shirts can be made and then you can buy those! Then you can decal bumper stickers galore all over your car, drink from the coffee thermos and water bottle at the same time and wrap yourself up in a big fat blanket of awareness as you run around advertising The Fibromyalgia Crusade for all to see! So hang on to that cash you want to give away and wait until you can get something for it in return, something that will further the cause and raise awareness, the whole purpose of all this anyway, completing the circle of life beautifully.

Thanks for joining,

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