Monday, November 22, 2010

Childhood Schizophrenia

What is now known as Autism, a neurological disorder of unknown origin, was classified as "Childhood Schizophrenia" during the early years of its mainstream induction. That is a pretty off diagnosis if I have ever heard one! As the older sister of an Autistic brother I watched my parents struggle in the fight to raise their child. Their battle was not only in managing an angry and confused little boy with overly-sensitive sensory abnormalities and perceptions, but in fighting the world at large to understand and accept who their child was and what was wrong with him. I am so happy to say he has grown into quite a self-sufficient young man who now lives in his own apartment, holds down a part-time job and is on a relentless quest to find the love of his life! I believe he is successfully independent today because of the heart and soul my parents poured into him, pushing and fighting for his progress every step of the way. I am also pleased to see Autism is well accepted and widely known now. No longer is it considered the fault of a frigid mother, the puzzle ribbon is widely recognized and the word "Autism" is comfortable and familiar on the tongues of most people, even those with no relationship to the disorder. While I was at the coffee shop the other day a family came in. The little boy was a bit wild and making that distinct moaning/yawning sound, his attempt at speech that I recognized right off the bat. The Bartista leaned over the counter and asked the parents if their child was Autistic, for he too had an Autistic son. Wow has awareness come a long way from the dirty looks and angry stares we as a family used to get back in the early '90's!

It is our turn now. We, the Fibromyalgia patients of today, are the ones that have to fight for awareness and understanding of our condition. Simply waiting for science to figure out what causes it or medicine to discover a way to cure it is not going to work. Autism is still waiting for that as well, but they have banded together and are understood, have been heard, are recognized and respected. That is the good fight I am asking you, my fellow Fibrates, to join me in. I believe The Fibromyalgia Crusade and our purple gradiated ribbon are going to be the distinct symbols of what will one day SOON be a widely recognized, accepted and respected illness plaguing millions worldwide. I believe we are strong enough and mad enough and confused, hurt and angry enough to say ENOUGH! We are not going to be blamed for this anymore. We are not going to be treated as drug seekers or lazy disability scammers. We are not going to be dismissed or doubted or placated with a pat on the head and a anti-depressant prescription any longer!

We are going to stand proud and tall and start the change with our own behavior. We are going to stop the in-fighting and nitpicking at each other. We are going to accept the multitude of differences between us all but recognize the one similarity that really matters, we each have Fibromyalgia! We are going to lean on each other for support and understanding to take some of the pressure off our families and friends that are struggling in their own way with the impact of this illness. We are going to stop lining the pockets of doctors that don't believe us or respect us! We are going to insist on results in managing our symptoms so we can have the best quality of life our illness will allow. We are going to stop moping and feeling sorry for ourselves and start fighting! On September 4th I blogged passionately about this Fibromyalgia crusade that was stirring in my heart. I had no idea how to go about starting something like this or exactly what it would entail, I just knew something had to be done! Slowly over the last few months it has become clearer and clearer as each tile in the pavement has appeared under my foot just as I was about to take the next step forward. Our first order of business was The Fibromyalgia Fun House, our support group on Facebook. The second was The Doctor Appointment Packet, a resource for those that have yet to find a caring and compassionate doctor willing to work with them to manage their symptoms. Our third awareness piece will be coming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. I am overjoyed and amazed at how quickly we are growing, gaining momentum. So just as Autism was once considered mental illness or the result of bad parenting, we are on a charge to turn Fibromyalgia into one of those "they used to think it was..." as well.

Thanks for joining,


  1. My nephew who they say has autism, is in lock down right now at a mental hospital. I really think he has something else. Was your brother very mean, angry and hateful?

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