Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing Hooky

Oh my I feel like this is the first time I have sat down all day and I am exhausted! I cleaned both bathrooms and bedrooms from top to bottom and under that and in between that. It is amazing in my office...so clean! I found a lost earring (one of my favorite), the missing garage door opener (more on that later) and fixed my computer monitor (the cord was unplugged from the cord, duh!). I cleaned the spots out of the carpet, threw away old magazines and actually moved things to vacuum under them. I took the down comforter off the bed and put on my spring blanket. I showered and walked the dog and put makeup on and had an extremely productive day.

"Wait, on Tuesday don't you go to class?", one might ask. "Didn't you wake up at 7:30 in the morning, like you do every Tuesday and Thursday, to study for your Spanish quiz?" Well, yes and yes! But I was not very focused on studying and running totally behind schedule and racing out the door 5 minutes late and then...I cannot find the stupid garage door opener! I am stuck at home, so instead of going to the complex office to borrow their garage door opener and showing up way late to class, I decided to redeem myself and actually do something productive around the house. I guess when it gets bad enough I will do something about it, and bad enough it was! But I did cut class, shame on me. My house is clean, but consequently I am in an awful lot of pain. So I did some yoga, deeper stretching than I have done in a long time, and suddenly, along with 2 Tylenol PM's, I don't hurt so bad.

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