Friday, March 26, 2010

Hoy Es El Cumpleano De Mi Perro

Today the Yorkie turns 5! He is such an awesome dog. So smart, so funny. I got him right as I started getting sick with what they now call Fibromyalgia. He was such a wild little thing and I had to leave my husband (who had never had a dog before in his life!) and puppy together for 2 whole days while I flew back to Grandpa's funeral. I came home and my husband had wild eyes. The dog was peeing all over the place. He was so hyper and spastic and chewing everything. Poor guy, he was so in over his head (the husband, not the dog!). He just looked at me with desperate, pleading eyes, eyes that screamed the words, "HELP ME...". So when I returned home we resumed unpacking and putting our new place together whilst trying to train the puppy. I knew little more than he did, having dogs in my childhood but my parents doing all the "work". And work it was! After a few weeks (and some pretty practical deliberation with myself) I looked at my husband and said, "Honey, I don't really know if I want to have any kids..."

So we settle into life on The Peninsula and work relentlessly to teach the puppy English and manners, in no specific order. At around 2 1/2 years of age this AMAZING dog emerges and has now become the 2nd love of my life. He is more person-like than dog-like to me. He is my child. He was with me during the worst of my illness. He was there when I would sob wildly on the floor, rocking my body back and forth, so angry and frustrated or sad and confused and feeling completely helpless about what was happening to me, and he would lick my tears. He would sleep all day with me even though he had tons of energy and would bounce around endlessly if given the chance. He was there with a wagging tail and pinned back ears when I would come home from my computer class, so happy to see me even though I had been gone for less than 2 hours. He was the only living thing with a heartbeat with me for 12 hours a day when I was on disability. Struggling up and down three flights of stairs to take him to the bathroom was the only thing I would leave my house for during the worst of it, unable to even shuffle around the block.

It is funny the relationship we have. He is enamored with his father. Everything my husband does is met with an eager eye and accepting wag. But he is very dependent on me, very protective and a bit bratty. He listens, but sometimes I have to really make him. He is my pal. And now that I am home with him so much and he is a bit older and is not really active with other dogs at the park, we are at the point in life where planning for kid #2 is inevitable. It's just expensive and so much work and having 2 dogs instead of 1 is a big commitment, especially while still in an apartment. So a little angel will surely be joining us in the year to come. Stay tuned. It's going to be a wild ride.

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