Sunday, March 21, 2010

1 Hour And 20 Minutes Late

Shewoosh! It has been an insane 4 days since I last wrote. I am exhausted and teetering on sick, having lots of back pain and wondering how Spring Break is now over and I am in no shape to get back to my routine, let alone improve on it! Taxes on Wednesday were brutal. We owe. That sucks. Then the debauchery that ensued at the bar that afternoon for St. Patrick's Day was reminiscent of a college binge. I am not sure my husband or I have even recovered... I spent all day Thursday lying around the house nursing the hang-over and quite irritated about the whole thing. I attempted to finish up my filing project just to have something beside how bad I felt to focus on, and managed to only make a big mess so my office is once again a paperwork explosion.

Friday I really screwed up at work. I stayed up way too late the night before. When my alarm went off at 7:30 in the morning I pushed snooze, as I always do. What I did after that I have no idea but my eyes popped open at 9:30 and I immediately panicked! I needed to leave the house at 10 (not even close to possible) to be at work at 11. I was still walking through mild quicksand from the never-ending hangover as I attempted to scrape myself together, make a PB&J to eat for breakfast in the car and barely rush the dog outside to pee. At around 10:15 I am pouring my coffee when I knock a glass out of the dish drainer and it shatters to the ground. As I am sweeping up the broken shards my phone rings. It is my boss, wanting to know where I am. I told her I was running quite late and she informs me that I was supposed to be there at 10, not 11. So when I rush in at 11:20 my first question was "Am I fired?"...

Luckily she is a forgiving woman, and that is not representative of my regular behavior so I believe I am okay, but I worked my butt off until 7 o'clock that evening and did not make it home until almost 8. I was exhausted! Saturday was another full day of work (of course I was on time) and then dinner with the family at Mom's house. So I wake up this morning wanting to lie in bed all day. But we did our usual coffee-dog-park-breakfast Sunday morning, came home and laid out at the pool, watched some TV and went to the grocery store. We had a nice day together. Relaxing. I am TIRED and have a lot of pain in my jaw and around my glands. I am also coughing and sneezing and feeling generally bleh. I have so much to do to catch up around the house, need to do my homework and study and need to exercise and get lots of sleep this week. And the beat goes on...

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