Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy 9th

Today my husband and I celebrate nine years of wedded bliss. He took the day off work and we planned on a relaxing trip to the city art museum. A Cezanne exhibit, and other masters of post-impressionist work, is here on installation. We commenced our day with a trip to the doctor to see about my now 5-day migraine. I got a shot and was given a prescription and we set out to enjoy our anniversary with an air-conditioning cooled day leisurely perusing famous art. But first there was the big fight over how fearful of the next thunderbolt to hit our lives we are, how my headache is making him feel that after so long, and so much struggle, I was just going to get sick all over again. We talked about how badly my disease and the choices we had to make because of it have leveled us. He poured out his fears and remorse and I hurled at him my determination for a better tomorrow and undying love. We talked it through and calmed ourselves down, deciding to venture on, go see that drop of culture so badly missing from our daily lives. 

But as we approached the museum we discovered it was closed! I live in a major metropolitan city and the museum thinks it can take both Monday and Tuesday off? Preposterous! So we dejectedly piled ourselves into the truck, heading back toward home, not really sure what to do with ourselves or how to make the day fun and special. And then I saw it...looming ahead in its city-block long, chipped-yellow-paint glory...Mo' Money Pawn Shop. We went in and meandered down aisle after aisle of glimmering and sparkling gems and precious metals, purchased with so many hopes and dreams and hawked in desperation. I speculated about the story behind each piece, what tale it told. We enjoyed admiring beautifully engraved pistols and skipped past rows and rows of appliances, electronics and tools. 

Tumbling into the blazing sunshine we were laughing and back on track. The experience had lightened our load and revived our perspective. We went on to enjoy a wonderful lunch (where I discovered a drink called Retail Therapy that alone made the whole experience worth it) and spent the rest of the day shopping and relaxing. It was fun, mellow and low key, but the biggest point of difference is that we did not let our mood or fears or a thump in our plans ruin our day. We dusted off that long-forgotten virtue of spontaneity that has been hidden back in the deep, dark recesses and forged on to make year number nine better than ever.

Thanks for joining,

This blog was originally published on July 27, 2010. Looking through the eyes of the past I now know that "migraine" was a stroke and the biggest health scare of my entire life was going to happen the next morning. This post is like an ironic kick in the gut. I used the word "thunderbolt" like I had knowledge of the future.


  1. I've had a migraine for 10 days now, gotta say this blog scares me a bit.

  2. No don't worry. Its a sudden onset headache, a "thunderclap" that makes you want to rip your head off, claw your face off. Literally. Its EXTREMELY rare. But I would sure get on my Dr. to help with that 10 day migraine. I would be over the edge!