Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Many Shades Of Gray

The longer I live
And older I get
The more I realize life is not black and white.

As I discover myself
What is important, and what is not
I become more and more certain life is anything but black and white.

I experience and I grow
Emotionally, spiritually and mentally
And can pretty much guarantee I am looking at a rainbow of gray.

No it is not a colorful rainbow
Full of vibrant brightness brightening up ones day
Instead it represents the many shades of reality we are forced to play.

There is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow
This vast and collective experience
Also known as life.

Good and evil
Right and wrong
Not nearly as clear cut as the rhymes of my childhood told me in song.

Happily ever after is subjective
Babies are not born with instructions on how to get them there
And life, oh it is most certainly not fair.

But if one is willing
To get wet and dirty and stomp around in the mud
Perhaps they can discover their individual joy.

That swirled up combination
Of every shade between black and white
That makes up our complexities, becomes our psyches.

Our love, passion and grace
Living life fully, laughing along the way
No matter the pain, no matter the price.

Thanks for joining,

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