Friday, October 22, 2010

The Fibromyalgia Fun House Is In Full Swing

11 days ago The Fibromyalgia Fun House birthed herself from my Facebook page and took off running on her own two feet. Since then it has been a wild ride of momentum-building and friend-making! I have to admit we are a pretty wacky bunch! We have navigated privacy issues (bring me the Abacus!) while attracting more and more newbies to the cause. We have laughed ourselves silly as Karen & Teresa (our resident Thelma & Louise) cast characters for their Alice In Wonderland play and Wizard Of Oz production. We have shared symptoms and remedies and side-effect concerns and more than a few times cheered each other up out of some pretty deep darkness. I know I have felt lighter and freer knowing I have a place to call my Fibromyalgia home. I even got the guts to post a Prednisone-volleyball-face picture. I am vain and insecure and you all should know what a stretch that was for me! And I don't know if everyone is still on their best behavior 'cause we are still in the honeymoon phase or what but we seem to be a pretty terrific bunch! I see kindness and laughter and silly sarcasm and support. It carries on 24 hours a day and we are international, worldwide baby! Oh my heart is so full of warm fuzzes! Then I come to find out there is a real interest in The Fibromyalgia Fun House t-shirts. I almost cried on the spot!

I am so blessed to have encountered each and every one of you along the way. I see a true need for this type of a support network and can't imagine what I was doing before it. Oh yeah, not that well! Yes we may bitch and complain and moan and whine but we do have Fibromyalgia after all! More to the point, though, we took the ownership of the pain and mood off ourselves and transferred it to the "Purple Pain Code", and at the end of the day (or rant) always bring it back to the positive. So as I was slathering myself up in organic coconut lotion after my first HOT shower in 4 months (by choice) it hit me like a ton of bricks. We are the Grass-Roots founding members of The Fibromyalgia Crusade! I know this awareness campaign I keep talking about means little to any of you yet because I have had to keep everything secret while I secure my legal protection, but I have been hard at work over here preparing what I believe is going to take Fibromyalgia by storm. We are going to shock the medical community with the shift in our attitudes and demands. We are going to shock our friends and families with the shift in how we treat them and allow them to treat us. We are going to gain attention and validation and stop suffering in silent misery compounded by a complete lack of illness and life management. Why? Because this is so much bigger than any one of us alone. This is the power of momentum that comes from pissed-off patients that are organized and collected and given a voice. So stay with me my Fun House crew, and keep recruiting members. Be patient with this Fibro-girl over here that is still trying to be a good housewife and puppy-mom and patient as well, but know it is only a matter of weeks before we can start jumping up and down on the roofs of imprisonment and bring those babies down!

Thanks for joining,


  1. Leah I want to Thank you for setting up this wonderful Fun place to share and feel safe with others who are suffering with the same affliction. Since I live too far from any urban city, it's hard for me to find a support system or even afford to just get there..where ever 'there' is! I was feeling very isolated and alone with what I am going through as I have no real family other than my kids who live too far away to go visit. It's been a rough road.
    Joining something like this is out of my comfort zone, but the welcoming group has made me feel comfortable to let my hair down and relax a little. Some of the other places I have found just didn't feel the same.
    So again
    Thank you and I look forward to see it grow into something even you didn't expect it to be! Thank you for inviting me to join and be part of this wonderful new adventure!
    {{{{{{Softest Hugs and Love}}}}}}}
    One of your newest "Fun" friends
    Tina ;o)

  2. Oh you are one wonderful lady you are! Thanks so very much for bringing the "Funhouse" to FB, I love it! As one being newly diagnosed and living in an area of only 3000 people, its very hard to find support groups, etc., to vent with or just chat with. You have done a wonderful service by this page. I come away after reading thinking "ok, I am NOT crazy"....well, I need to reassure myself several times daily but its such a comfort to know that I am not alone! Where and when can we purchase t-shirts??

  3. T-shirts are a new idea in the works so give this Fibro-girl a second to get it together but do post under "Discussions" on The Fun House page your size and quantity preference. Don't are not committed until I know the price, I just need to get an idea as to what kind of demand I am dealing with.

    You all have made this what it is and I thank YOU for opening up to us and becoming part of a very successful group. We work because we are a network!

  4. I've had the feeling that this group would morph into something bigger. When the Fibromyalgia crusade is ready to am I :)