Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Give Me The Juice!

Last night I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. It is about a CEO from Australia who starts juicing as a way to regain health and get off the steroids an auto-immune condition forced him to live on. He filmed the documentary as he traveled around the USA, sharing his journey and inspiring people who suffer from poor health to join the juicing revolution. His results were nothing short of incredible and it really got my mind going.

I hit a pill wall a few weeks back. After seeking treatment at a specialty Fibro clinic in 2006 I began heavy duty supplementation. It is one of the key contributors to getting the virus that made me so sick under wraps. After boosting my immune system with a complicated supplementation regiment that required an Excel spreadsheet to keep straight I started to feel much better. Over the years what I take has changed. Some stuff really makes a difference, other stuff does not. But one day not too long ago I looked at my weekly allotment dolled out into an AM/PM case and wanted to throw it against the wall. The thought of taking one more pill sent me into a spas attack. So I intently researched nutritional information and switched to a powder whole-food multi that allows me to cut out a number of supplements.

To say I hate it is a gross exaggeration. However, it didn't take long for me to realize, capsule or no capsule, it is the whole concept of taking vitamins I have an aversion to. I was still taking pill supplements, just not as many, and started thinking about other things I should be taking, too. After all, this is certainly not the most "managed" my Fibro has been. Then I watched the documentary last night and realized I could probably get off most of the supplements if I got my nutrients from, I don't know, the food they exist in? 

So I am thinking about it. Not sure if the investment in the juicer and commitment of time and labor is where I want to spend my efforts right now. But I am gagging on these pills that are a huge deflector shield standing between me and God-awful horrible unmanaged Fibromyalgia pain and Shingles-like viral flares. Plenty of cleanses and diet reinventions have helped me reduce the amount of chemicals and toxins in my body. Over the years they have even helped me reduce medications. Is it time for another one? All I know is something has to change because what I am doing now isn't doing the trick. So thanks Joe Cross, for sharing your success and showing so many changing your life can be done. Maybe, just maybe, I will be joining you in the juicing revolution. 

Thanks for joining,