Friday, April 15, 2011

Today Is An Off Day

And I don't mean a day off!  I am having a rough start today and ponder this, because some days life just clicks and some days its like my base energy is off and my mood is off right with it. An axis a little more tilted than that of our planet earth. Of course this only compounds my problems and aggravates me further. I hurt a little bit more today, not sure if I overdid the exercise in the beginning of the week. I have all sorts of computer-downloading-updates problems that darn near crash my hard-drive and then log on to The Fibromyalgia Crusade and find I have 2 "about" pages showing up, one current and one old. So I tinker around with that for a while, burn my toast, over-salt my eggs and leave a direct trail of coffee from the kitchen into my office sloshed onto the carpet. Oh yeah, and Porkie peed in the house this morning and right now I have a gnat swarming around my head that will not get lost! Phew. What a bunch of petty problems! But it is frustrating when the whole day seems to present itself this way and an overwhelming feeling of impending doom black-clouds it over my head with every future action I perform.

Fibromyalgia is not a special illness. It is just an illness modern medicine does not understand a cause or cure for. Yet. What they can do is help "manage" it, though. Through lifestyle and medication and lots and lots of sleep, we the patients can manage it the best way possible. But a very necessary and important first step must happen. That is called a good doctor that is going to work with us to find a successful treatment. We can mostly help that along, doing research and sourcing medications and questioning symptoms to diagnosis. But the absolutely most essential thing is a doctor that believes us. I believe every Fibromyalgia patient has a responsibility, to the best of our ability, to only solicit doctors that believe in Fibromyalgia and take us seriously. It is here we can affect the most change. Continuing to be seen by doctors that degrade and dismiss Fibromyalgia only reinforces that behavior and keeps them rich and us untreated. But the reality is that doctor may just not care because he does not know how to treat Fibromyalgia.

For it is in total body wellness the minimum impact of illness is felt. That begins with what I like to call the 5 pointed star of health: sleep, diet, exercise, stress management and balanced hormones and brain chemicals. Our doctors have a responsibility to aid us in managing our sleep, hormones, brain chemicals and pain. If the doctor is not willing to do this they are not doing their job and we need to look for a new one that will help us discover a solution to these problems. This pain and fog that is not going away is capable of destroying our quality of life. It is a hard calling, my friends. To be trapped in the body of a Fibro patient. I did not believe the pain could be so bad for no apparent reason before I got it. No one can comprehend it until it happens to them. So please join The Fibromyalgia Crusade in affecting change at the bottom line. Please don't continue to see doctors that shrug you off like an annoying nuisance. Let them experience life minus Fibromyalgia patients, for sadly, folks, our numbers are on the rise.

Thanks for joining,

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