Saturday, August 21, 2010

Manifest Destiny

When I came home from the hospital nearly 3 weeks ago my husband and I had a renewed commitment as to how we were going to live our lives, change our lives. So many medical lightening-bolts have struck me in my mere 34 years and we were determined to not let it happen again! I cannot take full responsibility for all the health problems I have had, but the 1 thing I can do is be AS ABSOLUTELY HEALTHY AS I CAN to minimize anything that comes my way in the future, as well as manage what I have left from the past. So henceforth the Manifest Destiny was born...

Mission Statement: We will achieve a life of holistic excellence, as we define it. We will strive for balance in harmony of Heart, Spirit, Mind, Body & Soul.

~Love, to ourselves and others

~Achieving personal dreams
~Expressing the true self both inside and out
~Embracing all life has to offer

~Expecting what is reasonable
~Balanced hormones & chemicals
~Education & knowledge
~Acceptance of what is, and what needs to be
~Meeting our responsibilities with confidence

~Cardio & dog walking
~Weight training
~Healthy diet

~Committing to a belief greater than ourselves
~Embracing a close and intimate relationship with God
~Living in faith, not fear

Oh so much easier said than done! It takes focus and discipline to turn away the anger, fear, resentment and unforgiveness knocking on the door of our lives. We are well versed in those, but these new virtues cause a rise above our immediate circumstances and feelings and indulgences with a constant and pervasive reminder that if we want a life of excellence we must work for a life of excellence!

We became de-railed this last week, because of fear. The headache scare Sunday night sent my husband into a tail-spin and me on a medicate-the-steroid-energy-away stupor. But now in retrospect it was just a little bump in the road to get us back on the road. They will come; disruptions, interruptions, distractions and diversions. We will be knocked off that road many many more times to come, but we will get back on. What's the choice? We have already indulged and wallowed in depression and self-pity enough for one lifetime and don't have any more time to lose.

Thanks for joining,


  1. Okay you lost me half way down that list of what needs to be worked on.. BRAIN FOG! lol Keep it simple, take a day of talk between you two about feelings, hello the feelings going on in his head have without fog got to be about to bust in confusion and anger for what is going on with you as well! <3 You two! Simpler, day to day make your list start and cut back on all you do, make it a breeze working yourself up. Express each others concerns.. YES HE needs to open up as well! That is the only way to come together! ;)And praying for you and him as this is a point in your life that emotions, meds and family is pulling you from one direction to another and They have NO idea. *HUGS* I do <3 You!

  2. Sorry if I overwhelmed you...we are at different points in the management of this illness and I can get a little overzealous! Don't so much look at this as what YOU should do but what someone who has been where you are NOW can do! I feel the traits listed all go hand in hand...can't have one without the other ;) God bless and thanks for your feedback!

  3. Wow--that's quiet beautiful! I did a similiar exercise. It's so powerful to know what you DO want in your life instead of focusing on the things chronic illness SEEM to take from you. It's a new way of living life to the fullest. Who cares if it doesn't look like what everyone else does? It's perfect for you!