Saturday, May 1, 2010

Everybody Should... some time or another in their life:

~Love something unconditionally.

~Get really pissed at their parents for the myriad of mistakes they have made along the way...and then forgive them.

~Live outside of their home state for at least one year.

~Commit to a belief that is greater than yourself.

~Make one truly un-selfish decision. A big one.

~Admit to their mistakes, no matter how small or large. One of the most attractive qualities in a person is when they can admit fault. One of the worst is self righteous indignation.

~Leave their home country at least once. It is very important to see how others live.

~Exercise compassion, humility and non-judgment. The rest is easy from there.

~Treat life like it is the balance of the 5 star points of life that it is. Manage your sleep, diet, stress, exercise and hormones. If you do you will live a long life of good quality, hopefully.

~Don't live for anyone else. Find peace with your path in life and don't seek approval or acceptance from others to define your success. This life is yours and you only get 1.

~Create an inviting and comfortable living space you can retreat from the stress of the world to.

~Don't bite off more than you can chew. Don't over-fill your plate. In other words, don't commit to more than you can do and still be a person you are proud of.

~Pick a few quality relationships to invest in over an abundance of quantity.

~Set goals and work toward them. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish if you focus your mind on it.

~Never stop learning. Knowledge is the source of power.

~Go through something really awful...and come out a better person for it on the other side.

~Recognize that the road to true and lasting change is fraught with many twists and turns and attempts to de-rail you. This is just the process of life and if you keep getting back on that road to change you can accomplish amazing things.

If you have been blessed enough to go through any of these experiences and come through to the other side it only gets better from here!

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