Monday, May 10, 2010

Why Am I So Bloody Slow...?

It takes me forever to get anywhere, to get up and out the door. So many distractions and things that need to be done. I am running a bad habit of being un poco late to important places. get the gist. It slowly dawned on me over the last few days as I have been envisioning my life with some part-time office job, that critical opportunities are standing between me and success. I sleep 10 hours a night. That is just what my body requires. I can go a few nights in a row on 8 and maybe 1 night of 6 or less and still remain equipped. But if given the option I will pass out for 10 hours. My body just takes it. I believe I am still healing and need that sleep. How can I decide my body is getting the sleep it requires on 7 or 8 hours when all my evolutionary signals are blaring and clanging to get that 10 a night?

I am still a bit underwhelmed when I get up every day. Not like before, complacent dread, but more like passive boredom. I am still searching for that all-elusive compulsion to jump out of bed every morning and go take on the day! But if I step back and keep a stock-market mentality (overall up with a few down dips here and there, current economic crisis not withstanding), the direction I am moving is certainly up. I have a lot on my plate this next week. Mom's surgery Tuesday & Wednesday, final on Thursday. Goin' to Tucson on Saturday for work. And I am just recovering from that last go-to-L.A.-twice-in-one-week flare-up. Oh boy...

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