Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lilac, Mulberry and Amethyst

One day a friend mused she wished we had a code to communicate how we feel, since as any Fibromyalgia patient will tell you there is no continuity or routine to this illness. On Monday we are convinced Fibromyalgia is gone, an over-exaggerated figment of the imagination. Why on earth did we take it like such wimps? But not on Tuesday! On Tuesday morning we wake up with absolute certainty we are dying, no pain that great could possibly signify anything less, and we remember. Sick and tired of complaining about her sick and tired all the time, my friend needed a way to communicate her pain without, well, bitching all the time. I thought she was on to something and set out to come up with a "code" which would accomplish this goal.

The Fibromyalgia awareness ribbon is purple. Purple is a traditional color of royalty, the hue of the Crown Chakra which is linked to the crown of the head, nervous system and brain. It is representative of pure thought. The Purple Heart symbolizes courage in the U.S. military and pride in Christianity, to name but a few associations. A blatant blend of blue and red, it embodies the yin/yang of stimulation and calm while assuming an enlightened and distinguished reputation throughout history. Psychologically purple is known to uplift and calm the mind and nerves, reputed to offer a sense of spirituality and encourage creativity. We are in very good company with the color purple!

Using this color as an anchor I allowed my mind to absorb purple in its infinite number of shades, tones and hues. I traveled through this imaginative exercise and my instinct rang the lighter the color, the lighter the symptoms, and the deeper the color, the more raging the pain. So I painted a pretty little picture in my mind of Fibromyalgia if it were viewed through a purple kaleidoscope. Lilac starts out soft and light, and represents a pretty darn good day. Mulberry deepens and intensifies moderately and marks the middle of the road. Not great, yet not horrible either. Amethyst, one of the deepest shades of purple, finishes the journey with raging pain and unbearable afflictions. Well the idea stuck, and even became a source of motivation. Patients were genuinely trying to figure out how to get themselves to Lilac! Proud to report a day of reprieve they were also understood when tearfully admitting to Amethyst, a day of defeat. 

Too complicated! I won't spell them right! I can't remember that! I have Fibro-fog! Oh plenty objections certainly abound initially. But there is something off-beat, individual and just plain silly about comparing the wreckage this illness has made of our lives to flowers and gemstones. It somehow removes the ownership of the pain and forces it back on the illness itself. But please, by all means, do not blame the actual Amethyst stone for your pain. In fact I think Amethysts should be our pride and joy! A jewel all our own to wear with pride. Display our victory, the triumph over every Amethyst day from hell behind us, or those which will someday come.

Thanks for joining,


  1. I love using purples for the fibro. Years ago the ribbon for fibro was half pink and half red. I think the purples is more fitting and love the lilac, mulberry and amethyst. I am so fortunate for having been mostly amethyst, then a long standing mulberry, 95% of the time any more I am lilac.

  2. My daughter told me about this blog. Love the purple pain levels it made me happy for today!

  3. I find this interesting and wonderful. I have Fibro and am Bi-polar. For years I have had 'codes' to help my family and drs understand where I am as far as the bi-polar:

    'the mean reds' = (Thank you Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's for this one) "The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of."

    'In Wonderland' = everything seems odd, out of place and unfamiliar, even my skin feels numb and foreign

    'Traveling down past the rabbit hole' = deep depression ~ spent a week in bed asleep at this stage once.....

    Point being this is a great way to communicate with others. Bravo for giving us our own Fibro Code. Getting our family and drs to learn and understand this code will help quite a lot.

  4. I suddenly feel the need for amethyst Jewelry . I found the colour code else where and have been using since it's a great idea. Wishing Lilac days for you,bless.

  5. I love this color code too. It is nice to know now that we have code to go by for us. I am going to use this with my friends and family. I think I might even see about getting some rings, earrings, or braclets to wear. That way they know what kind of day I am having, by wearing that color on that day.