Friday, August 26, 2011

Create Your Own Reality

My daughter, who is a dog we call Porkie because she is half Poodle and half Yorkie, has a bit of a personification disorder. See she has these "babies". Stuffed toys she guards with her life and goes nuts if anyone else gets their hands on them. She will "dig" a hole and then put the baby in it and "bury" the dirt right back over it before she lays on it. Mind you this is all taking place on my living room floor and are motions she is doing in the air. Now if you happen to find the baby and move it, or indicate you can see it, she gets a wild look in her eye, snatches it up in her mouth and is outa the room faster than light. Off to secure a new safe spot for her baby, hidden in plain sight. But at night something happens to her. She goes completely baby crazy. I can tell this has started because Yorkie starts sulking after me to come to bed, following me from room to room, boring holes in my back with his pleading stare. Well last night I figured out why. She won't let him on the bed!  I'll be darned if my little princess doesn't turn into some crazed Linda Blair and growl and snap her big brother off the bed, away from her babies!

Then, after the 3 of us are all snug in bed, she goes nuts! Flying around the house, stowing them in all sorts of "hidden" completely obvious places. Racing in circles, up the sofa, soaring off the back to dart into the bedroom, bounce on the 3 beings sleeping in bed, always eliciting an annoyed growl from Yorkie. Then a quick jolt back into the living room to do it all over again. Sometimes I even think I feel her crawling on top of me while I sleep, up to the top of the bed, safely tucking a baby amongst our 4 pillows each. I will confirm this in the morning when I make the bed and yup! The blue and white baby is tucked delicately between 2 pillows.

So basically she lives this whole imaginary life that is completely real to her. She will not have babies. She was 2 days away from her 1 month at the pound at 6 months of age. Unfortunately they don't keep dogs after a month there. Her guardian angel rescued her and brought her to me. So obviously she is not having babies. But damn it if she is not going to take her instinct to mother and make the most out of what she has got! She is not missing out, no matter the reality the rest of us see it in. And as I sit here thinking about her, and what a complete nut she is, I am realizing I could actually learn a lot from her.
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*Animals are wonderful companions. There are many that need good homes, and plenty of older mellow ones that can match the energy level of us Fibrates. If you are able and interested please consider adopting a rescue. They have so much love to give! See for more information.

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