Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sorry To Bring This To Print

I am as sensitive about polite conversation in public as the next person, which is why when feminine hygiene commercials come on at dinner time I am appropriately offended, but this topic is a major one for females with Fibromyalgia. Please only read the next paragraph if information about the female monthly cycle is what you are looking for. Otherwise, it will surely alarm you. Feel free to pick up at paragraph 2 if you skip it, it gets normal (as normal as I can get) again then.

Why do I feel like my entire world is re-set every month when I get my period? Sleep and wake times go haywire, food and pain medicine consumption increase. My mood gets snappy and irritable and crabby and then once it finally comes, oh my! I think my entire life-force is draining out of me as the cramps radiate out from my belly to my lower back, thighs, legs, upper back, arms and torso, so pretty much everywhere except my head. And if I do indeed have to work, the amount of pain medication I must take makes me stupid and forgetful and that is just not good at work! Thankfully I don't have to work today. Just a housewife day at home. I feel that no matter how much progress I make during the rest of the month, it is all lost once this damn hormone cycle hits. My doctor says this is normal and happens to all her female Fibromyalgia patients but I am freakin' sick of this! Ages ago I read an article in one of those women's magazines like Vogue or Elle about a woman who credits her unbearable PMS (more in line with PMDD in my opinion) with keeping her on track in life. Her mood gets so sour and she challenges and questions all the choices she has made in life that have put her where she is. After the storm clears, she feels fresher and clearer and more capable to move in the direction she really wants to go in life. Well I say good for flippin' her! Glad she can see the positive. All I know is my entire existence is leveled for about 1 week a month and that sucks.

On another note, we have decided it is time to increase our family size, and I have barely begun researching breeders in Arizona, but a little Yorkie puppy is on her way to our house! I find myself without any work all week, and I just want it to get to the weekend. I start to get a little off balance when there is not enough demanded of me. It is important to keep balance or objectivity flies out the door. I am finding I am so enraptured in writing, blogging, etc. that I could do it for 20 hours a day! That is not balance.

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