Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vote For Me, Please!

When I opened my email this morning I almost fell off the sofa. This little blog right here has been nominated by Healthline.com for 2014's Best Health Blog Contest! I've been honored to be named a Top Fibromyalgia Blog by Healthline in the past, but this is bigger. This pits me against ALL health blogs, covering every topic under the rainbow, and there's an actual winner determined by votes. Imagine my surprise when a quick scroll through the competition didn't notice any other Fibro blogs on the list. What a massive opportunity to spread some much-needed awareness! 

I'm so glad I started my little Instagram selfie experiment a month and a half ago. Something told me the need for shameless self-promotion was on the horizon, so I better get comfortable with it. Well here it is! Somehow my exorbitantly-dramatic, perpetually-victimized, emotional basket-case, up-and-down like a zipper, I will prevail at-all-costs depiction of life with this illness caught somebody's attention. I suppose attention was my goal all along. But it's been so long since I started this whole thing, and I've dealt with so much adversity because of it, I forgot. Now visions of a Fibro blog placing in the top three has me lit up like a Christmas tree with excitement. Imagine if a lot of people who don't know much about the fastest growing chronic pain disorder around learned a thing or two about living with this disease... 

So please, friends and readers who've kept me going over the last four years, vote for me. It's how they determine the winner. Please spread the link around social media, bribe your little sister, start a Facebook account for your infant...do whatever you feel up to doing, to bring some much-needed awareness OUTSIDE our community. 

-Follow this link: 2014's Best Health Blog Contest
-Don't nominate Chronicles Of Fibromyalgia, we've already been nominated. Just scroll down a little until you see the blue VOTE button. 
-Each Facebook or Twitter account can vote once every 24 hours. The contest runs through January 15th.
-Do it again tomorrow!

From the bottom of my heart I thank you,

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